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Our clients have landed pitches for:
Worklife with Adam Grant
Negotiate Anything with Kwame Christian
Life with Marianna
HelloMonday with Jessi Hempel
Unf*ck Your Brain with Kara Loewentheil
Tayla Blaire
Tayla Blaire Writing Coach
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“There’s no fluff and filler here. Every sentence Alice says in the lessons delivers tangible advice for gaining publicity for getting your product or service out there. I don’t feel intimidated by the prospect of pitching podcasts anymore after Alice’s lessons. I am so excited to apply what I’ve learned and pitch some podcasts to increase my reach ahead of my next launch.”
Casey Bertelsman
Casey BertelsmanFractional COO
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“Alice will share valuable tips on structuring your pitch, showcasing your unique selling points, and tailoring your message to resonate with podcasts and publications. For the most recent set of pitches I sent out, I had 2 interested responses in less than 24-hours for the 5 podcast pitches I emailed. This is a direct result of the pitch & storytelling strategy that Alice teaches.”
Kelli Thompson
Kelli ThompsonLeadership Coach and author of Closing the Confidence Gap
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“Alice was instrumental in getting me fully booked for podcasts to promote my book and getting my articles accepted in respected media platforms. This placement credibility has helped me elevate my brand and my income. Beyond placements, Alice helps me refine my messaging and discover new stories to tell, not only in my PR efforts, but they also translate into engaging content on my social media platforms. So much of my business marketing success is because of Alice.”
Arianna Panton
Arianna Panton Online Business Manager
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“With Alice’s help, my clients have been featured on podcasts that they are excited to be part of, have been invited to speak at conferences and have increased awareness of their brands and themselves leading to an increase in sales over the last year. Do not hesitate to work with Alice!”
An effective publicity strategy that will yield a powerful return on investment is not about clout, prestige, or throwing *ungodly* amounts of money at a fancy PR agency.
An effective publicity strategy is about knowing your place in the market and positioning yourself with pitches that combine story, data, and transformation.
Why podcast guesting?

1. Tap into a new and engaged audience

2. Authority and backlinks

3. Minimal costs associated

4. High engagement and click per episode

“If you are ever trying to get on more top 1% podcasts and need a partner in that project, I can not recommend Alice enough. I am so grateful that I was introduced to her and partnered with her for my book launch.”

Henna Pryor, Workplace Performance Expert and author of Good Awkward
Alice Draper smiling and holding a mug
What is possible with podcast guesting?

Here are some of the results that Hustling Writers’ clients have seen:

What’s included?

✓ Lesson 1 – Identify Your Position

• Finding other thought leaders – in your field – with a strong publicity presence

• Identifying trends in episode story hooks

• Leveraging this information to pick up on gaps in existing thought leadership and identifying ways that you can fill these

✓ Lesson 2 – Find The Right Podcasts

• A step-by-step process on how we find HUNDREDS of competitive podcasts in our clients’ niche

• This module will show you how to implement the bonus toolkits

• I will give you an A to Z walk-through on identifying your target audience, finding podcast “buckets” that your target audience listens to, strategically finding competitive podcasts within these “buckets”, and finding the correct contact details

✓ Lesson 3 – The Pitch Anatomy

• 5 key ingredients of a strong podcast pitch: how to make it personal, use a narrative hook, add an element of timeliness, list value-driven speaking points, and efficiently outline your credibility

• How to sell with story: identifying unique hooks, leveraging these in pitches, and tying personal experiences to professional expertise

• Using ChatGPT as a tool: emphasis on the tool bit. I will teach you how to leverage this powerful technology to brainstorm angles and make your pitches more compelling

• Leveraging current affairs or special dates (like Women’s History Month) in your publicity strategy

• How to anchor your story ideas in your business mission

• Time-hacking your way to success with pitch templates: the good news is once you’ve nailed the pitch templates, the rest is easy. I will teach you how to use templates while still ensuring the pitches feel warm and personalized. 🙂

✓ Lesson 4 – After The Pitch

• How to leverage this publicity: through content marketing, branding, and nurturing new relationships

• Mindset: dealing with rejections, relying on community support, and how to gamify the process

• Interview tips: how to deliver a compelling conversation and convert listeners into business leads

✓ ONE “Master Workbook” + a Google Doc editable version

• Gone are the days of managing lots of documents. All activities + accompanying resources are compiled into one “Master Workbook” that has a Google Doc editable template for ease of use. (Many course attendees have gone on to use this for all their content marketing needs—and succeeded in this!)

✓ Bite-sized lessons + screen share examples

The longest video lesson is 7 minutes and you don’t need to invest longer than an hour of your life watching video lessons. There is no fluff and filler here: Pitch Your Power jumps into actionable strategies and screen shares of how we do things in-house.

✓ Pitch template + examples

• The exact podcast pitch template that we use internally plus examples of successful pitches used by myself and past clients

✓ Resource sheet

• Links to all of the resources we use in-house including email search tools, a topical calendar, and a written guide on how to leverage ChatGPT as a tool to enhance your pitches

✓ BONUS spreadsheet

• 50 vetted podcast hosts – in the entrepreneurship niche – who have recently accepted guests

“I started working with Hustling Writers with the hope and intention of getting on seven podcasts. We have already secured, booked, and recorded 24 podcasts. Alice has been a dream to work with. If you are hesitant, or think that nobody is going to pick up your pitch, you are wrong. Alice is tremendous at finding those gems to use for the pitch and really figuring out who it's going to resonate best with.”

Brooke Janousak, Fractional CMO

The creator Pitch Your Power:

I am a podcast publicist on a mission to make publicity accessible for underrecognized entrepreneurs at all stages of their businessess.
When I started working for myself, I knew that publicity, in the right places, would garner me the authority I needed to position myself as a high-end copywriter. And so, I started pitching magazines like VICE, Refinery29, HuffPost, and Business Insider. This came with an unplanned skill — the art of the pitch — which is how I ended up pivoting my business towards publicity. I have been running Hustling Writers for over three years and in this time, I have secured my clients in over 500 podcasts including countless top 1% and top 0.5% podcasts.
When I am not building out publicity strategies or thinking of new story angles, I am taking advantage of nt location independence by house-sitting with my partner in places like Tbilisi, Nairobi, or Cape Town.
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Can someone in my team do this intensive instead of me?

Absolutely, if you think someone in your team has the expertise. If you opt for this, I recommend working with a team member who is a strong writer and has regular one-to-one time with you, as they will need to do a story development session to write bomb pitches.

How long will this training module take?

A good framework is four weeks with about three to four hours of “work” a week. (You will have to keep putting in some hours after you’re done – in terms of pitching and following up with podcast hosts.) However, it can take a lot less time or a lot longer, depending on how much work you are putting into this.

What if I need extra support?

If you have any questions, my inbox is always open! And if you want one-on-one, you can pop me an email and I’ll send you my consulting packages.

How do I know if I am ready for podcast publicity?

Here’s what you are risking: 1) the financial investment and 2) your comfort zone. Podcast guesting is a fantastic way of improving your messaging and communication skills. So even if you have a small platform or you are still working on your messaging, you are almost guaranteed to land guest placements on smaller podcasts. This gives you public speaking exposure and networking opportunities that will serve you as you grow and start pitching more competitive shows. (I have helped many entrepreneurs build publicity strategies from the beginning stages of business. Many of them started small and are now booked out on the top 1% podcasts.)

When will I start seeing a return on investment?

I have clients who saw an immediate return on investment (listeners’ buying into their programs or being invited to deliver keynotes). For other clients, it took almost a full year before they were seeing hard cash from podcast interviews. This largely depends on how competitive the shows are, how compelling your stories are, whether you are solving an expensive problem, and your marketing ecosystems. In this training intensive, I’ll teach you how to nail these four categories so that you are maximizing your return on investment.

What equipment do I need for recordings?

You can become a podcast guest with nothing more than a stable internet connection and basic earphones (I’ve done it). However, if you can afford it, I recommend buying a microphone. Some hosts actually request this. A decent microphone shouldn’t set you back by more than $50 or so dollars. You can check out some suggestions here: https://www.thepodcasthost.com/equipment/the-best-podcasting-microphones-on-the-market/#smartlav.

Is this program refundable?

I have put a lot of work into building out a transparent overview of the program and I have implemented a careful vetting process. I urge you to think hard before opting to purchase this program because, at this point, we are unable to issue refunds (due to non-refundable costs such as team salaries and referral fees). So no, right now, we don’t issue refunds. 🙂

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