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An Easy & Actionable Guide For Pitching Podcasts

Learn how to explode your mailing list, build credibility, and increase sales through the power of podcast guesting & leveraging other people’s audiences

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Our clients have landed pitches for

How will this training intensive help me?


We have tried-and-tested strategies that we are continually adapting and evolving to ensure our clients’ pitches are hand-selected by the hosts of competitive podcasts.


Alice brings a background in journalism, professional ghostwriting skills, and bylines in global publications like HuffPost, Business Insider, Refinery29, and many more.


Alice welcomes emails and questions about your pitching strategy. Plus, since Alice has the attention span of a goldfish, she ensured that each lessons is no longer than 7 minutes.

Some of the ROI our clients have seen:

Instant purchases of high-ticket offerings (up to $20K) after listening to an episode

Invitations to deliver high-paying keynotes or webinars (up to $15K)

New business relationships and partnerships with high-profile podcast hosts

Thousands of new email list subscribers or social media followers

Guest invitations to other (sometimes bigger) podcasts

Invited onto national TV segments or radio shows

“I started working with Hustling Writers with the hope and intention of getting on seven podcasts. We have already secured, booked, and recorded 24 podcasts. Alice has been a dream to work with.”

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What’s included?

Lesson 1

Identify Your Position

Lesson 2

Find The Right Podcasts

Lesson 3

The Pitch Anatomy

Lesson 4

After The Pitch

ONE "Master Workbook" + a Google Doc editable version

Bite-sized lessons + screen share examples

Pitch template + examples

Resource sheet

BONUS spreadsheet

The investment

$ 59 once-off

Why Pitch Your Power?

I know how difficult it is to stand out.

As a novice journalist, I was continually passed for writing opportunities because I didn’t have notable bylines.

Instead of “building my way up”, I decided to leverage publicity to open up new opportunities, and I persistently pitched my favorite magazines. In my early twenties, I was writing for household names like HuffPost, Refinery29, and Business Insider.

I didn’t wait for “permission”. I just pitched.

This came with an unplanned skill — the art of the pitch — which is how I ended up pivoting my business towards publicity. I have been running Hustling Writers since 2020 and in this time, I have secured my clients in over 500 podcasts including countless top 1% and top 0.5% podcasts.

I am now on a mission to make publicity accessible for underrecognized entrepreneurs at all stages of their businesses.

I’d love you to join my mission by bringing your work into the spotlight.


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Join today for only $59!


Absolutely, if you think someone in your team has the expertise. If you opt for this, I recommend working with a team member who is a strong writer and has regular one-to-one time with you, as they will need to do a story development session to write bomb pitches.

A good framework is four weeks with about three to four hours of “work” a week. (You will have to keep putting in some hours after you’re done – in terms of pitching and following up with podcast hosts.) However, it can take a lot less time or a lot longer, depending on how much work you are putting into this.

If you have any questions, my inbox is always open! And if you want one-on-one, you can pop me an email and I’ll send you my consulting packages.

Here’s what you are risking: 1) the financial investment and 2) your comfort zone. Podcast guesting is a fantastic way of improving your messaging and communication skills. So even if you have a small platform or you are still working on your messaging, you are almost guaranteed to land guest placements on smaller podcasts. This gives you public speaking exposure and networking opportunities that will serve you as you grow and start pitching more competitive shows. (I have helped many entrepreneurs build publicity strategies from the beginning stages of business. Many of them started small and are now booked out on the top 1% podcasts.)

I have clients who saw an immediate return on investment (listeners’ buying into their programs or being invited to deliver keynotes). For other clients, it took almost a full year to see hard cash from podcast interviews. This largely depends on how competitive the shows are, how compelling your stories are, whether you are solving an expensive problem, and your marketing ecosystems. In this training intensive, I’ll teach you how to nail these four categories to maximize your return on investment.

You can become a podcast guest with nothing more than a stable internet connection and basic earphones (I’ve done it). Although, many podcast hosts appreciate a decent microphone and occasionally, a host requests this. A decent microphone shouldn’t set you back by more than $50 or so dollars. You can check out some suggestions here: https://www.thepodcasthost.com/equipment/the-best-podcasting-microphones-on-the-market/#smartlav.

I have put a lot of work into building out a transparent overview of the program and I have implemented a careful vetting process. I urge you to think hard before opting to purchase this program because, at this point, we are unable to issue refunds (due to non-refundable costs such as team salaries and referral fees). So no, right now, we don’t issue refunds. 🙂

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