Pitch Your Power

10X Your Audience Using the Power of Podcast Guesting through Bite-Sized Lessons & Live Training


Dreamt of being a prominent podcast guest?

Have you ever wondered what the most popular speakers, consultants, and authors’ secret was to securing guest speaking spots on top podcasts?

Do they have some magic formula or relationship the rest of us don’t have access to?

Nope. They have nailed the process of cold outreach. I will to teach you how.


“There’s no fluff and filler here. Every sentence Alice says in the lessons delivers tangible advice for gaining publicity for getting your product or service out there. I don’t feel intimidated by the prospect of pitching podcasts anymore after Alice’s lessons. I am so excited to apply what I’ve learned and pitch some podcasts to increase my reach ahead of my next launch.”

— Tayla Blaire, Scribbling Side Hustlers

Photo of Tayla Blaire

As a seasoned publicist, I’ve learned that the secret to great publicity comes down to two things:

1) A great story
2) Nurturing relationships

I am going to teach you, or someone on your team, how to master both

Do you relate?

✓ You have a powerful business mission and purpose
✓ Your clients experience massive transformation
✓ To achieve your mission – which you know can change the lives of thousands or even millions of lives – you know that you need to build a name for yourself
✓ You are ready to build new partnerships and pivot to new audiences
✓ Maybe you have an upcoming book launch, keynotes you plan on delivering, or scalable offerings you want to sell
✓ You know that it is time to scale your marketing efforts beyond your existing audience

But you don’t have the time, energy, or capacity to start learning podcast pitching strategies from scratch

If this is you, it’s time to look into Pitch Your Power — An Expert Training to Increase Sales Using the Power of Podcast Guesting

Is this happening?

  • You have tried pitching yourself to podcasts but it’s time-consuming, inefficient, and not yielding the results you hoped for
  • You are a speaker but it’s impossible to get the magic of your work across in a cold pitch
  • Or you simply don’t have the time or energy to get started
  • You have no idea what shows are worth pitching or where your target audience is hanging out
  • Just thinking about the time commitment involved in figuring it all out, on your own, gives you a headache

Increase your sales by landing coveted guest spots in competitive and global podcasts

The Hustling Writers Approach acts as connective tissue between you and a primed, warm audience that is perfect for your offer 

Our informed approach has evolved from customized work with women coaches, therapists, executive suite leaders, authors, and keynote speakers who have a socially-driven mission

An effective publicity strategy that will yield a powerful return on investment is not about clout, prestige, or throwing *ungodly* amounts of money at a fancy PR agency 

An effective publicity strategy is about knowing your place in the market and positioning yourself with pitches that combine story, data, and transformation

You have a big mission and I am here to make sure that the world hears it

Many people think they will get invited onto their dream podcast when they hit random and absurd goals, like having 100K followers, which will give them the appropriate “credentials”. This is not true.

We have placed our clients on over 500 podcasts and it was never the clout that got them on. It was their story.

How will this training intensive help me?


We have tried-and-tested strategies that we are continually adapting and evolving to ensure our clients’ pitches are hand-selected by the hosts of competitive podcasts. These will be delivered to you in easy-to-digest videos and toolkits.


Alice brings a background in journalism, professional ghostwriting skills, and bylines in global publications like HuffPost, Business Insider, Refinery29, and many more. In your story-development call, Alice will unearth compelling angles by asking you questions that make you go ‘a-ha, yes this I’ve been trying to say’.


This isn’t a hands-off training intensive. It comes with a 60-minute story-development call, two rounds of edits, and a built-in Slack community that include monthly rejection challenges (rejection is part of the process but the community makes it fun).

Why podcast publicity?

Some of the ROI our clients have seen:

  • Instant purchases of high-ticket offerings (up to $20K) after listening to an episode
  • Invitations to deliver high-paying keynotes or webinars (up to $15K)
  • New business relationships and partnerships with high-profile podcast hosts
  • Thousands of new email list subscribers or social media followers
  • Guest invitations to other (sometimes bigger) podcasts
  • Invited onto national TV segments or radio shows

How do I know if I am ready for Pitch Your Power?

Our mission is to make publicity easy and accessible for underrepresented women entrepreneurs at every stage of their business

You don’t need to have scaled to a gazillion figures or have a bazillion LinkedIn followers

But I do have two asks:

1. You have an important mission

In other words, you know exactly why your business exists and what purpose it serves

I want you to get a return on investment from your publicity efforts and the best way to do this is by having a strategy that is anchored in a mission

(For example, if you write a compelling pitch about a productivity routine that helps you manage your ADHD but this isn’t rooted in a business mission that is related to ADHD or productivity, it’s unlikely that you will yield a great return on investment from this interview)

2. You have an effective marketing ecosystem

This means that when people listen to you on a podcast, you have an ecosystem that can effectively capture them

This could be a compelling lead magnet that they can download which brings them to your mailing list

Or it is an active and engaging Instagram or LinkedIn account which listeners will receive value from — if they follow you

What’s included?

✓ Lesson 1 – Identify Your Position

• Finding other thought leaders – in your field – with a strong publicity presence

• Identifying trends in episode story hooks

• Leveraging this information to pick up on gaps in existing thought leadership and identifying ways that you can fill these

✓ Lesson 2 – Find The Right Podcasts

• A step-by-step process on how we find HUNDREDS of competitive podcasts in our clients’ niche

• This module will show you how to implement the bonus toolkits

• I will give you an A to Z walk-through on identifying your target audience, finding podcast “buckets” that your target audience listens to, strategically finding competitive podcasts within these “buckets”, and finding the correct contact details

✓ Lesson 3 – The Pitch Anatomy

• 5 key ingredients of a strong podcast pitch: how to make it personal, use a narrative hook, add an element of timeliness, list value-driven speaking points, and efficiently outline your credibility

• How to sell with story: identifying unique hooks, leveraging these in pitches, and tying personal experiences to professional expertise

• Using ChatGPT as a tool: emphasis on the tool bit. I will teach you how to leverage this powerful technology to brainstorm angles and make your pitches more compelling

• Leveraging current affairs or special dates (like Women’s History Month) in your publicity strategy

• How to anchor your story ideas in your business mission

• Time-hacking your way to success with pitch templates: the good news is once you’ve nailed the pitch templates, the rest is easy. I will teach you how to use templates while still ensuring the pitches feel warm and personalized. 🙂

✓ Lesson 4 – After The Pitch

• How to leverage this publicity: through content marketing, branding, and nurturing new relationships

• Mindset: dealing with rejections, relying on community support, and how to gamify the process

• Interview tips: how to deliver a compelling conversation and convert listeners into business leads

✓ 60-Minute Story-development Call

• Story development: I will help you identify your target audience and two compelling pitch angles plus key speaking points

• I will email you a summarized transcription of the call

✓ Two rounds of developmental edits on your pitches

• For two pitches. You can submit the pitches for edits at any point and I will get them back to you within a week

• Edits include some copy edits along with developmental comments

✓ Slack community

• Everyone who runs through the program will be added to the Slack community for support, feedback, and to join the “quarterly rejection challenge” which will hold you accountable on actually pitching ;). PLUS, you can stay in this Slack community for as long as you’d like!

✓ ONE “Master Workbook” + a Google Doc editable version

•  Gone are the days of managing lots of documents. All activities + accompanying resources are compiled into one “Master Workbook” that has a Google Doc editable template for ease of use. (Many course attendees have gone on to use this for all their content marketing needs—and succeeded in this!)

✓ Bite-sized lessons + screen share examples

The longest video lesson is 7 minutes and you don’t need to invest longer than an hour of your life watching video lessons. There is no fluff and filler here: Pitch Your Power jumps into actionable strategies and screen shares of how we do things in-house. 

✓ Pitch template + examples

• The exact podcast pitch template that we use internally plus examples of successful pitches used by myself and past clients

✓ Resource sheet

• Links to all of the resources we use in-house including email search tools, a topical calendar, and a written guide on how to leverage ChatGPT as a tool to enhance your pitches

✓ BONUS spreadsheet

• 50 vetted podcast hosts – in the entrepreneurship niche – who have recently accepted guests

The investment:


$997 once-off

Out of your budget? Email Alice at alice@hustlingwriters.com to enquire about payment plans. We strongly believe in equity over equality and are happy to discuss other options.

Hear from our clients:

“Alice was instrumental in getting me fully booked for podcasts to promote my book and getting my articles accepted in respected media platforms. This placement credibility has helped me elevate my brand and my income. Beyond placements, Alice helps me refine my messaging and discover new stories to tell, not only in my PR efforts, but they also translate into engaging content on my social media platforms. So much of my business marketing success is because of Alice.” 

Kelli Thompson

Kelli Thompson
Zenica Chatman


“Working with Alice was one of the best investments I made in my business. Alice and her team listened to me and helped me create a message that would resonate with podcasts hosts and have them eager to work with me and support me as I work to reach even more people with this message. Also, having Alice and her team research the best platforms for my message saved me so much time and energy, which allowed me to focus on constantly tweaking my message.”

— Zenica Chatman

“If you are looking for a generic email to spam podcast producers, Alice is not your gal. Every pitch she created for me felt real, personalized and actually got me booked on podcasts. I highly recommend her if you want support that cuts through the sea of publicity noise.”Stacy Mayer

“Alice is absolutely amazing!! She helps me find podcasts that I want to be a guest on and finds me all the best conferences to speak at too. Whether you need a list of PR opportunities to contact or you need help writing your pitches – Alice is THE ONE! She is a phenomenal resource and asset to your business.”Dr. Errin Weisman

“With Alice’s help, my clients have been featured on podcasts that they are excited to be part of, have been invited to speak at conferences and have increased awareness of their brands and themselves leading to an increase in sales over the last year. Do not hesitate to work with Alice!”Arianna Panton

Who will you be working with?

Alice Draper is a podcast publicist who is on a mission to make publicity easy and accessible for underrepresented women entrepreneurs at all stages of their businesses.

When Alice started building her business, she knew that publicity, in the right places, would garner her the authority she needed to position herself as a high-end copywriter. And so, she started pitching magazines like VICE, Refinery29, HuffPost, and Business Insider. This came with an unplanned skill — the art of the pitch — which is how she ended up pivoting her business towards publicity. She has been running Hustling Writers for over two years and in this time, she has secured her clients in over 500 podcasts including countless top 1% and top 0.5% podcasts.

When Alice isn’t building out publicity strategies or thinking of new story angles, she is taking advantage of her location independence by house-sitting with her partner in places like Tbilisi, Nairobi, or Cape Town.

Ready to get started?


Can someone in my team do this intensive instead of me?

Absolutely! If you opt for this, I would suggest that both you and your team member show up for the story development call. Your team member will then be able to use the recording and the notes, along with the training documents, to write compelling pitches. 🙂 I also recommend working with a team member who has decent writing skills.

When is the best time to book my story-development call?

Once you have gone through Module 3 – The Pitch Anatomy (even if you jump ahead). While this isn’t essential, it’ll give you a good sense of what the pitch structure looks like before the call.

Should I prepare for the story-development call?

If you want to, then sure. Some of my clients prepare and we end up with totally different story angles — so it’s not necessary. I do recommend that you have a decent idea of what sort of audiences you want to get in front of and, of course, what your objectives for your podcast publicity campaign are.

How long will this training module take?

A good framework is four weeks with about three to four hours of “work” a week. (You will have to keep putting in some hours after you’re done – in terms of pitching and following up with podcast hosts.) However, it can take a lot less time or a lot longer, depending on how much work you are putting into this.

What if I need extra support?

The training intensive is designed with enough built-in support that means… well, you shouldn’t. 😉 If you have any questions, you can pop them in the Slack group that both myself and the community respond to. If you REALLY need a one-on-one, you can pop me an email and I’ll send you a reduced consulting rate.

How do I know if I am ready for podcast publicity?

Here’s what you are risking: 1) the financial investment and 2) your comfort zone. Podcast guesting is a fantastic way of improving your messaging and communication skills. So even if you have a small platform or you are still working on your messaging, you are almost guaranteed to land guest placements on smaller podcasts. This gives you public speaking exposure and networking opportunities that will serve you as you grow and start pitching more competitive shows. (I have helped many entrepreneurs build publicity strategies from the beginning stages of business. Many of them started small and are now booked out on the top 1% podcasts.)

When will I start seeing a return on investment?

I have clients who saw an immediate return on investment (listeners’ buying into their programs or being invited to deliver keynotes). For other clients, it took almost a full year before they were seeing hard cash from podcast interviews. This largely depends on how competitive the shows are, how compelling your stories are, whether you are solving an expensive problem, and your marketing ecosystems. In this training intensive, I’ll teach you how to nail these four categories so that you are maximizing your return on investment.

What equipment do I need for recordings?

You can become a podcast guest with nothing more than a stable internet connection and basic earphones (I’ve done it). Although, many podcast hosts appreciate a decent microphone and occasionally, a host requests this. A decent microphone shouldn’t set you back by more than $50 or so dollars. You can check out some suggestions here: https://www.thepodcasthost.com/equipment/the-best-podcasting-microphones-on-the-market/#smartlav.

Is this program refundable?

I have put a lot of work into building out a transparent overview of the program and I have implemented a careful vetting process. I urge you to think hard before opting to purchase this program because, at this point, we are unable to issue refunds (due to non-refundable costs such as team salaries and referral fees). So no, right now, we don’t issue refunds. 🙂