Leverage the power of storytelling to enhance your messaging, build your audience, and increase sales by landing guest spots on prominent podcasts in your field.

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Strategy Design

Daring Storytelling

None of the admin

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Some of the ROI my clients have seen:

Guest contributions and interviews in prominent publications like HuffPost, ESSENCE, and more

Invitations to deliver high-paying keynotes or webinars (up to $15K)

New business relationships and partnerships with high-profile podcast hosts

Thousands of new email list subscribers or social media followers

Guest invitations to other (sometimes bigger) podcasts

Instant purchases of high-ticket offerings (up to $20K) after listening to an episode

off all US consumers listen to podcasts (Statista)
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of podcast listeners complete the entire episode (MIDAS Survey)
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of podcast listeners take action based on the adverts they hear (NPR)
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Hi, I’m Tšhegofatšo!

I work with mental health professionals and wellness experts to reach their audiences and potential clients through podcast publicity. I am not just a podcast publicist. I hold a Masters in clinical psychology and I have contributed articles to publications like Refinery29, Well + Good, Life & Thyme, and many more.

When I was regularly engaged with scholarly research, I found myself yearning to write about mental health topics in ways that would reach many more people than just the clients who had the resources to access psychological services. 

Five years ago, my burnout prompted a career pause and pivot. As I navigated new waters as a freelance writer, I quickly learnt that what had drawn me to clinical psychology is also what I loved about writing: our stories are sacred. In my work with mental health practitioners, I tell the personal transformational stories that have informed their work, get their scientific research out from journal paywalls, and make exclusive jargon more inclusive so that it reaches their potential clients and audiences through mainstream media — without any of the admin.

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Absolutely, if you think someone in your team has the expertise. If you opt for this, I recommend working with a team member who is a strong writer and has regular one-to-one time with you, as they will need to do a story development session to write bomb pitches.

A good framework is four weeks with about three to four hours of “work” a week. (You will have to keep putting in some hours after you’re done – in terms of pitching and following up with podcast hosts.) However, it can take a lot less time or a lot longer, depending on how much work you are putting into this.

If you have any questions, my inbox is always open! And if you want one-on-one, you can pop me an email and I’ll send you my consulting packages.

Here’s what you are risking: 1) the financial investment and 2) your comfort zone. Podcast guesting is a fantastic way of improving your messaging and communication skills. So even if you have a small platform or you are still working on your messaging, you are almost guaranteed to land guest placements on smaller podcasts. This gives you public speaking exposure and networking opportunities that will serve you as you grow and start pitching more competitive shows. (I have helped many entrepreneurs build publicity strategies from the beginning stages of business. Many of them started small and are now booked out on the top 1% podcasts.)

I have clients who saw an immediate return on investment (listeners’ buying into their programs or being invited to deliver keynotes). For other clients, it took almost a full year to see hard cash from podcast interviews. This largely depends on how competitive the shows are, how compelling your stories are, whether you are solving an expensive problem, and your marketing ecosystems. In this training intensive, I’ll teach you how to nail these four categories to maximize your return on investment.

You can become a podcast guest with nothing more than a stable internet connection and basic earphones (I’ve done it). Although, many podcast hosts appreciate a decent microphone and occasionally, a host requests this. A decent microphone shouldn’t set you back by more than $50 or so dollars. You can check out some suggestions here:

I have put a lot of work into building out a transparent overview of the program and I have implemented a careful vetting process. I urge you to think hard before opting to purchase this program because, at this point, we are unable to issue refunds (due to non-refundable costs such as team salaries and referral fees). So no, right now, we don’t issue refunds. 🙂

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