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Do you want to live in a world that is more equitable? A world where you can take time off work for an IVF appointment without worrying about whether this will jeopardize your career advancement? Or a world where Black employees aren’t handed unpromotable tasks and accused of playing “the race card” when they speak up?

Us too.

While you go out and create this world, we will get your stories into the world.

As PR strategists, our proudest accomplishment is helping clients step into their fullest and most authentic versions of themselves.

When disruptive women dare to speak up and tell their stories — remarkable things happen.

Alice launched Hustling Writers in 2020. Tšhegofatšo Ndabane, our Chief Storyteller and in-house psychologist (just kidding, but she is completing her Masters in clinical psychology) joined the team in 2021. In this time, we have helped a small handful of retainer clients (most of whom are still with us) share pivotal stories, boost book publicity, raise their rates, grow their platforms and credibility, and most importantly, transform their clients’ and audiences’ lives. 

Tšhegofatšo and I have written for Refinery29, VICE, Business Insider, Greatist, Well+Good, HuffPost, and countless other regional, national, and international publications.

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What we have done​

Secured our clients as guests on over 500 podcasts

Our clients have been invited on many top 1% podcasts including WorkLife with Adam Grant, Unf*ck Your Brain with Kara Loewentheil, How To Be Awesome At Your Job with Pete Mockaitis, Negotiate Anything with Kwame Christian, and countless others.

Turned personal stories into viral authority-building articles

We have coached clients through the process of uncovering and sharing pivotal personal stories. Many of these have gone viral resulting in TV segments, speaking engagements, and moderator opportunities.

Built authority, credibility, and trust

Our PR has expanded our clients’ networks, increased their authority and trust among their existing network, grown their brand awareness, and brought in new leads to their businesses.
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Hustling Writers has helped me elevate my brand and my income

Alice was instrumental in getting me fully booked for podcasts to promote my book and getting my articles accepted in respected media platforms. She has the special knack of helping me find the right stories to tell, pitch those stories, and if needed, write those stories in my tone of voice. So much of my business marketing success is because of Alice.

Kelli Thompson

Author, award-winning leadership coach, and keynote speaker


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Alice Draper smiling and holding a mug
Tshegofatso Ndabane sitting and smiling

Alice Draper

Founder and Chief Strategist

Alice is on a mission to make publicity easy and accessible for underrepresented women entrepreneurs at all stages of their businesses.

When Alice started building her business, she knew that publicity, in the right places, would garner her the authority she needed to position herself as a high-end copywriter. And so, she started pitching magazines like VICE, Refinery29, HuffPost, and Business Insider. This came with an unplanned skill — the art of the pitch — which is how she ended up pivoting her business towards publicity. She has been running Hustling Writers for over two years and in this time, she has secured her clients in over 500 podcasts including countless top 1% and top 0.5% podcasts.

A big part of Alice’s work looks into normalizing rejection, and how rejection resilience ties into success. Her weekly newsletter, The Rejection Chronicles, explores topics like living with rejection sensitivity, building sustainable outreach habits, and normalizing the “rejection sting”.

Alice grew up in a small town in South Africa, but — as Hustling Writers’ clients know — she is rarely in one place for long. You might find her house sitting in Tbilisi, with her partner in Dubai, or strolling along a seaside boardwalk in Cape Town.

Tšhegofatšo Ndabane 

Chief Storyteller and Strategist

Tšhegofatšo is a podcast publicist who is on a mission to make publicity easy  and accessible for under-recognized mental health practitioners. 

Tšhegofatšo’s journey into publicity started three years ago when burnout prompted a career pause and pivot. As it turned out, what had drawn her to psychology was also the thing she had always loved about writing: that our stories are sacred. This is when she discovered the power of the pitch, and started writing for publications like Refinery29, Well + Good, Life & Thyme, and Greatist. Soon thereafter, she merged her passions by circling back to her masters in clinical psychology, while working with psychologists and other mental health practitioners in practice and academia. As chief storyteller and strategist at Hustling Writers, Tšhegofatšo has helped clients tell the personal transformational stories that have informed their work, and gotten their scientific research out from journal paywalls so it might reach the audiences they serve through mainstream media. 

When Tšhegofatšo isn’t sitting with the stories of her clients or working on her thesis, she can be found steeping a cup of tea, taking long walks in nature, or experimenting with a new baking recipe.

A photograph of Samantha Dube smiling
Christina Schild smiling at the camera

Samantha Dube

Online Business Manager

Samantha was awarded the 2022 VA of the Year Runner-Up by PANSA. Her full-service virtual assistant and online business management agency helps female-owned business owners focus on revenue-generating tasks by taking off the administrative load. 

Samantha and Alice first started working together in 2020, and in this time she has helped Alice evolve her business model into a one-stop shop for progressive entrepreneurs looking for a PR presence.

You probably won’t see a lot of Samantha but she is the person behind the scenes making sure your emails and follow-ups are sent out, your spreadsheets are up-to-date, and no acceptances are slipping through the cracks.

When Samantha isn’t running her business, you can find her hiking, reading, traveling, doing crossword puzzles, or sharing advice with aspiring virtual assistants in Africa on her Youtube channel.


Christina Schild

Research Strategist

The Ralph Waldo Emerson quote is one Christina has always felt drawn to: “The mind, once stretched by a new idea, never returns to its original dimensions.” 

This stretched mind uncurled and devoured while at Rhodes University, during her BA in Journalism and Media Studies, and Anthropology, and later Honors in Anthropology. 

She has strayed at times and indulged in her wanderlust as a yacht stewardess and yoga instructor while moonlighting as a copywriter. In 2021, Christina packed her suitcases and relocated to Edinburgh, where she completed my Masters in Environmental Sustainability from the University of Edinburgh. She’s dabbled in social media management, conducted research for a South African gender and media democracy NGO, and ended up taking charge of brand development for her boxing club in Edinburgh.

When Christina is not working, she is often found traveling, surfing, hiking, doing overly elaborate skincare routines to carefully curated Spotify playlists, and cooking. 

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